7 Great Inventions of the Modern Industrial Age

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7 great inventionsHumans invent things. It’s what we’ve always done. Yet, just over a hundred years ago there was no space travel, bionic ear, cinema, telephone network… or atomic bomb. The innovation of the 20th century created opportunities and choices like never before. And it changed us.

In 2015, composer Sally Greenaway was the recipient of the inaugural Merlin Myer’s Composing Women’s Commission, a co-development of the Merlyn Myer Fund and the Melbourne Recital Centre.  Her vision was to compose a suite of works, linked by a theatrical performance, that captured the amazing trajectory of humanity over the 20th century.  90% of humanity’s total body of knowledge was developed in that short, one hundred years, and Sally’s work explores the key themes of Communication, The Age of Convenience, Flight, Computing, Modern Medicine, Massed World Warfare and Cinema.

Sally commissioned Magenius to write the theatrical component of the work.  We created the character of Harriet, a globe-trotting journalist from the start of the 19th century, who travels in her zeppelin across the world and across the century to research and reveal the state of humanity as it comes to terms with these massive changes in technology.

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Page International Screenwriting Awards

Top 50 Finalist

The team

Composer, Director & Researcher:  Sally Greenaway

Writers: Paul Bissett & Catherine Prosser

Producer & Production Designer: Eugene Wong (Candlelight Productions)

Production &  Artistic Supervisor: Jessica Tivendale

Musicians: Syzygy Ensemble

Actress: Anni Ha

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