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When 11 year old Molly Wilde is transported to 1986 by a time-travelling hula-hoop, she prevents her own birth and creates a sister, Rosie. The pair must fix the past or be orphaned by time forever!


21st century childhood

PING! Wake up — BLEEP! Saxophone practice — BIP! BIP! Interact with family — BUZZZZ! Scratch nose.

I’m Molly and I’m 11 years old. Every minute of my life was scheduled by my parents. This, in addition to them ensuring I was ALWAYS safe and easily located, left me lonely and craving the freedom to explore the world on my own terms.

Boom! 1986! Totally rad!

One day I was mucking around with Mum’s old hula-hoop when ZAP ZAPOW! — I was suddenly in 1986. The Hoop was a time machine! And it turned out that the 80s was a world of fun, where kids find adventure, parents are out of sight and back-pockets don’t go PING!

The most amazing thing, though, was I met my mum. As an 11 year old. Turned out that when she was a kid, she was fun and spontaneous — no schedule! And I met my Uncle Doug. He was the neighbourhood bully (who secretly loved My Little Ponies —hee hee). And there was this science-geek kid, Jimmy Button, who loved inventing things with my grandpa — including a bully-zapping backpack!

Weird. But cool weird.

And there’s denim EVERYWHERE!

BUT! Oh no! I’m a time orphan!

Get this! When I returned to the Present Day, no-one recognised me, not even my parents. Something I did in 1986 prevented my own birth. I was on the wrong timeline!

Sure, I wanted more freedom — but not at the expense of, you know, my EXISTENCE!

And Mum and Dad had a different daughter, Rosie.

Did that make her my SISTER-IN-TIME!?

Must fix the timelines! But how?

Rosie and I had to find a way to get me back onto MY timeline. Unfortunately, it turned out Rosie is the risk-averse, beige-wearing opposite of me, making her a reluctant member of our time-twin team. AWKWARD!

But we were sisters, and we did have a connection, and then we realised we could use entries from Mum’s childhood diary to work out how events should have happened in the past — and make sure they occurred that way on the new timeline too.

Then these weird time wobbles started to cause strange things to happen, like repeated conversations and people out of sync with their surroundings. Like repeated conversations and people out of sync with their surroundings… see what I mean?

Running out of time… literally!

It became clear that time itself was crumbling — NOT GOOD. So Rosie, Jimmy, Grandpa and I find ourselves in a tag-team, time-travelling race against the clock. If we can’t find a way to merge the TIMELINES quickly, it could mean the end of time itself.

And that would be BAD.

Awards & Recognition

Hoop was one of three shortlisted scrips in the 2019 Monte Miller Awards and is now features in the AWG Pathways Showcase.

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The team

Writers: Paul Bissett & Catherine Prosser

Production Company: Princess Pictures

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