In Search of an Ending

  • Feature Film
  • Comedy


When successful graphic novelist, Layla Skye, moves into a strange hotel to create her next book, her newest character, Ed, climbs through the window into the real world.


LAYLA SKYE is a romantic graphic novelist, whose unexpected hit, LOVE AT FIRST NIGHT, has women around the world believing in romance again. Trouble is, Layla hates it… And now she has to come up with a sequel.

After finding her husband in bed with another woman, she moves into Room 2 of a strange boutique hotel.

Not in the best creative mood, but under a deadline from her publisher to deliver, Layla comes up with a new leading man, ED, who is perfectly perfect in every way and she even draws a fictional version of herself as Ed’s love interest.

The pages start to flow and all seems to be going well, until, out of nowhere, Ed climbs through the window out of his fictional world… and into Layla’s!

Face to face with her perfect man, Layla is in total shock, but Ed is thrilled to be in this gritty place with the real woman he’s been written to love.

How does Layla convince Ed to get back in the book where he belongs? How does she convince herself that she’s not falling in love with him?

For Layla, this is just the beginning of an extraordinary set of events that will have her questioning everything about the world around her.

And for Ed, he will come to learn what Layla and the rest of us already know…

Winning the heart of someone is much harder in reality than it is in fiction.

In Search of an Ending is scheduled for production in May 2020

Awards & Recognition

2016                       Nicholl Fellowship                                                             Top 50 Finalist

2016                       Page International Screenwriting Awards                       Top 10 Finalist

2016                       Screencraft Comedy Screenplay Competition                7th Place


The team

Director:          Peter Howitt (Sliding Doors)

Screenplay:     Paul Bissett

Producers:      Peter Howitt, Gary Preisler (Misconduct) & Chris Brown (Railway Man)

Co-producer:   Catherine Prosser

In Search of an Ending was scheduled to shoot in Toronto for June 2020, but has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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