Jack Heath’s Escape From Series

  • TV Series | Podcast | VR Experience
  • Children's Action Adventure


Ten quick-thinking kids find ten creative ways to escape from ten deadly situations.

Designed for simultaneous delivery across multiple platforms, Jack Heath’s Escape From… series is designed to appeal to and attract the widest audience possible. 

Each story is delivered three ways: as an animated TV episode, a podcast and a VR experience.  This series takes advantage of clever production efficiencies by sharing project assets and planning across the three formats to deliver maximum adventure bang for buck.

The podcast, animation teaser and VR environment are available for Episode One – Escape from Mars.

14 year-old Astrid, the first kid on Mars, accidentally triggers an explosion which blows her hundreds of metres into the Martian landscape with only minutes to make it back to the safety of the habitat before night falls and she freezes to death.

About Jack Heath

Jack Heath is the best-selling author of over 30 books for young people and adults. His name is synonymous with fast-paced action and he has sold over 350,000 books with over 5,000 followers on social media.

The team

Jack Heath’s Escape From Series is a collaboration between Jack Heath, Magenius, Silversun Pictures and Tamzin Nugent with support from Screen Canberra.

Writers Jack Heath, Catherine Prosser and Paul Bissett
Producer Tamzin Nugent
Direction Tamzin Nugent, Catherine Prosser and Rohan Taylor
Executive Producer Andy Marriott
Audio Design Rohan Taylor

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