Not a Zombie Movie

  • Feature Film
  • Horror/Thriller


Sam Nielsen and his girlfriend, Audrey, are bunkered down in a motel deep in the Australian desert, hiding from the zombie swarm. But why is Sam the only one who can see the zombies?


40 year-old Sam Nielson has bunkered down in an abandoned motel room in the middle of the desert.

With him in the motel room is his girlfriend, Audrey Church, a nurse. Every little sound is terrifying as they await the inevitable onslaught. As far as they know they are the only people alive for kilometres.

That is, until one day, looking through the motel window, Sam sees a woman enters a door to another motel room across the courtyard. Despite Audrey’s protests, Sam becomes obsessed with finding the woman. Sam and the reluctant Audrey must un-barricade themselves and creep through the empty passageways of the motel.  But why is Sam the only one who can see the zombies?

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