Sparrow-Folk, Adventures in SuBIRDia

  • Podcast
  • 10 x 30 minutes Adult Comedy


Two best friends in suburbia. One just had her last child (she thinks). One is about to have her first (she thinks). Both want to be ukulele comedy superstars!


Lark and Fox have been best friends since school. Now in their mid-thirties, Lark is married with children. Fox is still single. Happy, but looking for a little more in their life, they started Sparrow-Folk, a music comedy act.

They had harmony. They had humour. They had ukuleles, for goodness sake! It was only a matter of time before the world beat a path to their amusingly melodic door…

When Lark gives birth to her third child on stage at a pub gig, Fox realises she must breed ASAP or she will die unloved and alone. Thus begins the pair’s attempts to pull off the holy grail for women the world over: successfully combining motherhood with career (i.e. being ukulele comedy superstars).

Easy, right? Not when their feckless manager, Neville, proves incompetent and falls for Fox, Lark’s kids interrupt recording sessions and radio interviews, and the search for that One Perfect Gig to launch their careers seems endless.

To make matters worse, Fox’s lonely mother, Ruth, fakes dementia to trick Fox into moving back home. Fox resists, but when she learns she’s infertile she discovers single-parenthood will be harder and more expensive than first thought. So, she moves back home for the support and cheap rent. Meanwhile, Lark donates her eggs to Fox, but keeps it a secret from her conservative husband, Magnus.

Everything comes to a head when they accidentally blackmail the host of Australia’s favourite morning TV show ‘Wake Up Australia’ and get to perform on the program. Unfortunately, overloaded on fertility hormones, the girls have a massive on-air fight. The performance goes viral, but not for the right reasons. It’s not how they imagined it, but it could it be their big break.

Can Sparrow-Folk pull the worm of victory from the boggy ground of defeat? Will there be any (or too many) eggs in the nest?

And most of all… will this be Sparrow-Folks’ moment to fly?

The team

Sparrow-Folk, Adventures in SuBIRDia is a collaboration between Magenius, Sparrow-Folk and Silversun Pictures

Written by Catherine Prosser & Paul Bissett
With additional writing & songs by Juliet Moody & Catherine Crowley (Sparrow-Folk)
Audio Design by Rohan Taylor (Silversun Pictures)

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