The Last Days of Oliver Young

  • Feature Film
  • Comedy Drama


65, retired and dying, Oliver Young wants nothing more than to plan the perfect funeral and covertly set his wife up with her next Mr Right.


Only a week into his move to the new Greenfields Village, the township designed for the over-60s who still have plenty of real living to do, Oliver Young learns he has less than a year to live. Determined not to let that change his optimistic attitude, he decides to ‘embrace his mortality’ and, with the help of wife Maya and their new Greenfield friends Van and Cookie, he researches options for his final send-off (such as shooting his remains into space, compressing his ashes into a diamond, polishing his skull for the mantelpiece, or maybe cryogenically freezing his brain). Oliver also has another plan – which he keeps to himself. He wants to see Maya happy after he’s gone, and he’s determined to find her the perfect next husband.

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