About Us:

Magenius is Paul Bissett and Catherine Prosser.

We write and develop movies, stage plays, stories and novels, TV series, television commercials, videos, comics and so forth.

Magenius is about interesting minds and crazy ideas that just might make a great story. We live for those beautiful little nuggets that make us laugh, cry or intrigued.

As a company, we love to hear new ideas and help turn them into something for audiences to enjoy: a movie, a commercial, a novel, or any other creative media.

As a team of writers, we primarily work with words, but if there’s a concept we love which might, say, make an entertaining shoelace, we’d consider that too.

Magenius wants great ideas to be realised. So, if you have an idea, and don’t know what to do with it, get in touch. We just might make something great together.

Paul's Bio:

Paul is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker. Having worked as a copywriter for many years at wordED, he understands the importance of core ideas and the value of every word in conveying it.

Paul loves stories about time-travel and warped realities. He once tried to describe his writing style as like if Charlie Kauffman and Woody Allen had a kid, but that created an image in his head so hard to shake, he now has to sleep with the light on.

Needless to say he’s suing Kauffman and Allen for child support.

As well as his work as a screenwriter, Paul has written TVCs, videos and radio commercials for organisations such as St. Vincent de Paul and the ATO.

His feature screenplay In Search of an Ending is slated for production in 2018 with Peter Howitt (Sliding Doors) attached to direct.

Paul is crazy about crazy ideas, and finding ways to make them real.

Catherine's Bio:

Catherine comes from the often surreal world of live theatre and has worked with many writers and directors in creating and developing original works, with her career highlight being part of the team which brought Shaun Tan’s fabulous book ‘The Lost Thing’ to the stage.

She recently discovered one of her first literary efforts, a 7,000 word effort at age 10, which can only be described as ‘Enid Blyton meets Arthur C Clarke’. She promises to use fewer adjectives from now on.

Catherine has spent a lot of time working to support other creative professionals, whether that’s by being on the board of production companies, on peer assessment panels for government funding bodies, or as a mentor for emerging arts professionals.

She’s now devoting all her energies to full-time writing and collaboration and finds pretty much everything interesting.

Contact us:

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