Above the Angelic

  • Podcast
  • 6 x 30 min Comedy


Eternally optimistic no-hoper, Poppy Foster, inherits her father’s failing detective agency and must manufacture crimes to investigate to pay back his debts.


Poppy Foster, sardonic, thirty-something, professional plant-waterer has lost her husband, her job and, as the sole beneficiary of her late father’s estate, has inherited a private detective agency laden with massive debt. To make matters worse, she and his ex-husband, Max, can’t agree on the fine line between ‘adorable declarations of love’ and ‘stalking’.

With no other way to pay back the agency’s debt, Poppy buys a cheap, itchy trench-coat and takes on one of her father’s unfinished cases and, in doing so, discovers a legitimate outlet for her stalking skills.

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The team

Written by Paul Bissett

Created by Paul Bissett & Owen Trevor

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