Jingle Man

  • Short film
  • 'A Capella' Musical Comedy

Jingle Man

Jimi Jupiter, a musician who sold out to become an advertising jingle writer, is desperate to win his next client but soon finds his style cramped by his four Soul Characters (Heart, Brains, Nerve and Imagination), who try to convince him, mid-pitch, to return to his musical roots mid-pitch

Oh yes – and Jimi is the only one who can see them.


Jimi Jupiter is desperate to secure a big client to keep his fading ad agency ‘#&’ afloat.  So he’s thrilled when The Client, under the illusion that Jimi is still a somebody, asks him to pitch for their new product.  He’s less thrilled when he discovers the produce is an innocuous Black Cube that literally does nothing, and even less impressed when his Soul Characters, (Brains, Imagination, Heart and Nerve, and visible only to Jimi) try to sabotage the pitch by convincing him to dump his pointless advertising career and return to his real passion, music.  Will Jimi choose the path paved with pointless jingles, or follow his heart?

Project Overview


We wanted to explore the idea of a capella in musical comedy and what unique opportunities it presents.  We loved the comedic tension created by our main character, Jimi Jupiter, having to constantly juggle simultaneous conversations with his Client and his Soul Characters (who are invisible to everyone except Jimi).  We were excited to have the wonderful Colin Lane, with his strong history in physical and musical comedy, as Jimi, doing that juggling for us.

Collaborating on the songs with Peter J. Casey was a highlight for us, as Peter’s years of experience in cabaret and musical theatre brought a fast-paced, witty edge to the music.  We really didn’t want this to be ‘sing, sing, talk, talk’ – like a traditional musical – we wanted every line of music to propel the action forwards. His musical direction on set brought out energetic, pitch-perfect performances from our actors.

We also didn’t want to do any ADR, or lip sync to a pre-record, because we wanted the lyrics to feel more like dialogue and to make the most of comedic and dramatic opportunities that arose on set.  With a super-tight schedule (3 hours of vocal rehearsals, 3 hours of other rehearsals, and 11 hours of the main shoot), cast and crew pulled together to create a final product we’re really proud of.

Magenius is currently developing Jingle Man for other formats, including as a feature film, web and TV series.

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The team

Written, Directed and Produced by Paul Bissett & Catherine Prosser

Lyrics by Paul Bissett, Peter J. Casey & Catherine Prosser

  • Cast

  • Jimi JupiterColin Lane
  • The ClientCathy Crowley
  • NerveSophie Hamilton
  • ImaginationAndy Leonard
  • HeartDavid Pearson
  • BrainsMikayla Williams
  • StefanRob Shiells
  • Production Crew

  • Composer/Musical DirectionPeter J Casey
  • Director of PhotographyMichael Fardell
  • AudioJimmy Logue
  • Make-upRania Yallop
  • Vocal CoachDianna Nixon
  • EditorJay Hall
  • ColouristJarryd Hall
  • Audio DesignSteve Hessell
  • Digital EffectsEye Candy Animation
  • Goat WranglingMatt Rogers


Jon Holden, Celia Berry-Smith, Oliver Willis & Rob Shiells

Awards & Recognition

2016                      Screencraft Web Series Competition                     Semi-finalist

2016                      Canberra International Film Festival                    Selected


Our sincere thanks to the following individuals and companies for their assistance and support:

  • Screencraft Canberra
  • Alberto Florez at CRE8IVE
  • Damian Stocks at Eye Candy Animation
  • Steve Hessell at 20 Below
  • Jarryd Hall and the team at Pow Wow Studios

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